Medical device manufacturing project management based on SCRUM methodology

Training Course Date: 2018.11.16

Course length: Lublin

Czas trwania: 8h

Price: 3100 PLN / 6 people


Michał Kudraszew

Scrum training led by the coach mgr. Inż. Michał Kudraszew. It’s a one day journey into Scrum, during which you learn the best practices, hear hints, and share your observations. The class is held in the form of lectures and workshops combined with games and practice of newly learned elements. During the course, the participants also learn the newest developments and trends in Scrum.

The coach will also tell you about the superiority of Agile management over the classic management system – especially in small companies and startups. Agile management structure allows for a higher level of attachment of the team to the project, and greater engagement and responsibility, which translates to quicker advancement in project tasks.

SCRUM is a framework, or procedure scheme in product development.

It relies on constant inspection of both task progress and team morale. It allows for swift detection of problems and adaptation, and in effect, considerable savings. SCRUM was set up so that organizational tasks take as little time as possible, while at the same time giving measurable effects. It engages both the developing team and the management staff. It allows for an exchange of knowledge and experience. It forces the business department to take an active part in the project by engaging them in the developer work planning process. You will learn not only how to work in SCRUM, but also how to use tools dedicated for that framework. During the workshops you will not only learn how to browse and navigate Atlassian Jira software, but also how to create and configure projects.